7 Principles for a Better Life

These are not all principles in this area, but they are amongst the most important.

You can help yourself to improve the way you live, to make a positive change in your life if you study them, if you believe in them and if you apply them.

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Are you curios about the first three principles?

1. You are not alone

No one could find his happiness, being alone. We shall seek for happiness and success diving in miscellaneous relationships with other people.

These relationships are not as hard as a stone. Usually, they could be improved, but sometimes, a relationship is better to be disconnected and as much as possible – forgiven and forgotten.

2. Pay attention to your physical body

We are alive while our human body is alive.

Take care for your physical body, for your health. Avoid or limit some harmful substances. Take some time for rest and physical exercises every day. You cannot have a good life if your health is bad.

3. Take care for your emotions

Emotions indicate some things that we like or do not like, that we assess as good or bad, positive or negative. They determine our immediate emotional state and reactions.

We like positive emotional states and aim to be in them. We don’t like the negative emotions and we try to avoid them or change them or, in the worst case – to suppress them.

Find some solutions and do what you feel is right, to solve your problems. The better you deal with your problems, the happier you will be.

Roumen Krastev

More than 30 years he has interests in a few areas: Engineering, Material properties, Mechanics, Personal development, Success in Life and Business endeavours. 

In 2017 he founded Institute for the People and Changes (In-PC) to help people make positive changes in their lives. He is the author of a digital course of 24 lessons, in which he explains his understanding of Personal development and success in life. 

In August 2020 he decided to expand this business endeavour by starting to offer similar materials on the topic in English.

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